Model F

Lightweight and easily foldable for travel.

The perfect travel chair has arrived.

Lightweight, foldable, affordable. Explore your world with greater independence in the Model F.

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Key Features

Turning Radius

780 mm turning radius allows you to make tight turns in hallways and elevators


Can be quickly and easily folded for transportation and storage

Climb Obstacles

Effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 35 mm in height


Driving Range Up to 20 km
Maximum Speed 6 km/h
Foldable Yes
Max Incline 10°
Turning Radius 780 mm
Obstacle Clearance 35 mm
Seat Sizes Available 18″
Width Between Armrests Adjustable: 2 positions (16”, 18”)
Device Width 555 mm/605 mm
Device Length 935 mm ( 465 mm when folded)
Device Weight 26.7 kg
Charging Time ~ 5 hours
App Enabled Yes, with remote control
Air Travel Approved Yes
Max Weight Capacity Up to 115 kg
Swappable Arm Covers 5 Colors
Battery Lithium-Ion (25.3V 10Ah)
Weather Tested IPX4

CE Declaration of Conformity

Model F Transitions

Intelligent Design at an Affordable Price Point


The foldable design of the Model F allows it to be easily transported on buses, trains, planes, or in the trunk of a car or taxi. When not in use, the Model F can be conveniently stored in a closet or out-of-the-way corner of the room.


Weighing only 24 kg. with the battery removed, the Model F is one of the lightest power chairs on the market today.


The Model F is easy to operate and can make tight turns in narrow indoor spaces.


Experience the same great performance and intelligent design that WHILL is known for at a lower price point.

Color Variation

Choose from 5 different arm color options. Customize the Model F to match your personal style!

We’ve Thought Of It All

The Model F comes loaded with features, including a remote lock, interchangeable controller, and an adjustable max speed for added comfort and safety.

Accessories & Optional Parts

Purchase accessories for added safety, style, and convenience.
Battery ChargerBattery Charger
Lap BeltLap Belt
JoystickJoystick (Stick)
Arm CoversArm Covers
Cane HolderCane Holder
Dust CoverDust Cover(Optional Parts)
Controls and Stick
Model F folded in train
Model F battery location
Model F folded people chatting in hotel
Model F on city outdoors sidewalk
Model F backpack placement
Model F easy fold - airport
Model F arm color options