About Us

Our Mission

Delivering Fun & Innovative
Mobility for All

WHILL was created with the goal of building a platform for short- distance mobility, providing people with access to an innovative and well-designed personal mobility solution that can be used comfortably whenever needed. This solution creates a seamless connection between existing transportation infrastructure and large facilities. Introducing a new style of short-distance travel, WHILL is the last piece of transportation that no other means of transportation can provide.
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Company Profile

Corporate Name WHILL, Inc.
Established May 2012
Business 1. Design and sales of personal mobility products
2. Provider of transportation services using personal mobility products. (MaaS)
Management Leadership team
Kerry Renaud, Chairman
Satoshi Sugie, CEO
Nicolas Lesage, CFO
Kenji Goho, CCPO
Tres Izzard, President, WHILL Mobility Services
Chad Stott, VP/GM, WHILL Mobility Services
Carl Crabill, SVP, WHILL Business Development, Mobility Sales
Marie Onga, VP WHILL Customer Experience Group
Christine Addeo, VP, WHILL Marketing
Glen Coelho, VP, WHILL Operations
Thanh Thai, VP, WHILL IT
Shane Bogni, VP, Business Development, Mobility Services

Scott McNealy, Former CEO and Co-founder of Sun Microsystems
Meg Frost, Director of product design of Apple
Tsuyoshi Ninami, CEO of Suntory, WHILL outside board 

Number of Employees 300 employees (consolidated basis) (as of March 2023)
History 2012   Founded
2013   Incorporated in the U.S.A
2014   WHILL Model A launch
2017   WHILL Model C launch
2018   Established WHILL Europe (Amsterdam)
2018   Merger with Scootaround, Inc.
2019   Announced MaaS concept and autonomous driving system
2019   Established WHILL China (Suzhou)
2020   Implemented autonomous mobility service for commercial use
2020   WHILL Model C2 launch
2021   WHILL Model F launch
2022   WHILL Model S launch
Office Locations