Behind The Scenes

The Making of Model Ci

A design that complements the style of the driver

It is the biggest feature of WHILL–design. What was the intention for appearance of Model Ci, and what level of consideration went into developing the eight arm cover colors?

Masahiro Toriyama, who designed the exterior of the Model Ci, talks about his thought process and the attention to details of the design.

Disassembly that doesn’t require special techniques

Simple and quick disassembly is also one of the main features of the Model Ci.

Three engineers involved in designing the disassembly function talk about the development process to make it possible to quickly disassemble Model Ci without using a single tool and making it possible to easily load in almost any car.

Creating best-in-class indoor and outdoor versatility

As a symbol of WHILL since the launch of Model A, the patented, independently developed omni-wheel always draws a crowd.

The secret around why WHILL developed the omni-wheel is revealed.

Working in unison for ultimate comfort and stability

The impact of getting over rough and bumpy surfaces is very unpleasant for the driver. Especially for those who ride for an extended period of time, it may generate a feeling of mental and physical fatigue.

What trials and errors took place to produce a comfortable and smooth ride? The clever design of the frame and suspension were the key.

A battery developed for more freedom and flexibility

Model Ci’s removable lithium-ion battery allows for all-day adventures and easier charging. The development process of the battery designed by Panasonic exclusively for WHILL is explained.

Joint development with world’s #1 comprehensive motor manufacturer

Model Ci uses two high-power in-wheel motors jointly developed with Nidec. Nidec is a motor manufacturer boasting the world’s top market share in brushless DC motors such as HDD motors.

In addition to the WHILL engineer who was in charge of motor development, hear from the person in charge of Nidec Corporation’s partnership with WHILL.

Custom app to accelerate convenience and confidence

The Model Ci app connects a smartphone and the main body to provide unique functionalities. Besides being able to check the state of the battery charge and mileage, it also comes with features such as speed setting, remote control, and lock/unlock.

Learn how this popular remote control makes the driving experience enjoyable and device management and care more user friendly.