Did You Think Wheels Could Do This?

Even with one wheel off the ground, WHILL Model M can take you along any trail. Model M’s 4WD allows users to move along rough terrains thanks to the pulleys that attach each rear wheel to the wheel in front.

These features provide increased traction and keep you moving. This summer, go on an adventure with Model M like our friend, Alvaro. His first stop: the campground.


Dirt Roads

Off-roading is fun, but not if you’re stuck. Thankfully, WHILL can conquer those holes and ditches! Model M’s wheels can travel on any dirt terrain to help you reach your favorite destination.

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Gravel Trails

It might be bumpy, it might be a wild ride, but Model M can handle gravel trails at its top speed. Feel the rush of 4WD this summer as you embark on your next trip. We promise you’ll love it.

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