Don’t Feel Limited This Summer

Summer has arrived and that means your favorite outdoor activities have returned. WHILL Model M is here to join you! Make it part of your summer experience whether you’re camping with friends, visiting the beach, or having a cookout. There are so many things to do and dozens of places to explore, but you don’t have to feel limited.

With Model M’s 4WD, you can reach unimaginable heights and move across rough terrain without feeling restrained. You can finally explore hills and mountains or move effortlessly through forest trails. This year, Alvaro’s visiting the campground with Model M and you can too! What are your plans this season?

Bonding Over BBQ

    1. Everyone loves hanging out with friends, and Model M is here to maximize your fun. Join your group no matter where they are. Enjoy every social gathering this summer.

Hear About Model M’s Impact


A Place for Everyone

Model M can accompany you anywhere so you never have to miss a summer outing. If it’s at a state park, you can climb the hills. If it’s at the beach, you can roll on the sand.

See Model M in Action