"I am blown away by the freedom it has returned to me!"

  • Outdoors
  • Social
  • Culture
  • Family

Ashley B.


Device Used:
Model Ci


What do you love doing?

  • Playing outside with the dogs
  • Entertaining friends and family
  • Supporting Texas Longhorn sports!!!
  • Cooking
  • Seeing live music
  • Out with the family on nature trails

What’s on your adventure list?

I am blown away by the freedom it has returned to me! Freedom on so many different levels! Freedom to go back outside and not be worried about getting stuck. Freedom to go out in public and have less of the “Oh, bless her heart” looks and more, “Wow — what is that chair?” or “Hey, Speed Racer, they need to get a helmet for you!” or “Your chair is really cool!” Yep, ‘cool’ and ‘chair’ used in the same sentence—novel! I have been able to go to my daughter’s graduation and afterwards, join everyone on the football field for pictures. Gravel, no problem! Mulch, with ease! Small residential elevator, perfect!

And most importantly, ANYONE can take the Model Ci apart, into 3 pieces, and put in THEIR car! I was not going to be able to join the family on most outings, on our upcoming international trip, and now with the Model Ci, they will be trying to catch up with me! The Model Ci is truly a game changer!.

Favorite benefits of Model Ci

  • PORTABLE, any car, anyone, anytime
  • Outdoor terrain ability = rejoining everyone outside!
  • Front wheels, all the little ones that make it turn on the spot
  • Style, big points on the cool factor
  • Team WHILL! Best customer service, ever!
  • Assembly (or lack there of… it took longer to play the 5 minute instruction video!)

Learn more about the Model Ci’s versatility and design

Note: Ashley had an extensive test drive with a demo unit.

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Note: Model A and Model Ci are for people who have difficulty walking. Model M is for people who have a prescription for a power wheelchair.