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“Model M has everything I need to enjoy a better quality of life”

  • Outdoors
  • Social
  • Culture
  • Family

Jeff W.

SCI T4-T8 Paraplegic

Device Used:
Model M


What do you love doing?

  • Attending sporting events
  • Networking socially & professionally
  • Traveling around the Southeast
  • Going to church
  • Going to the beach and participating in outdoor activities

What’s on your adventure list?

My adventure list starts with to fall in love, get married and work God’s Plan, if that is his plan, or do things with others to live a long life! I believe, if I stay healthy and active, I can do more traveling and be out with others. I have a dream to get a RV Travel Trailer and travel the USA. I’m at a point in my life where saving money is a priority and I try to live within my means to save for vehicles that will provide me mobility to get around, visit others, go to places and be active!

Favorite benefits of Model M

  • Fits comfortably in my accessible van
  • Ease of transferring in and out
  • Ability to climb curbs and not have someone lift it up
  • Sleek look and how people look at me
  • How it handles terrains and the ability to go golfing
  • Sliding the seat forward to sit at my desk

Learn more about the Model M power wheelchair’s versatility and design

Note: Jeff had an extensive test drive with a demo unit.

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Note: Model A and Model Ci are for people who have difficulty walking. Model M is for people who have a prescription for a power wheelchair.