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"I’ve been able to take my Model Ci with me to places like Seoul, Madrid, Gibraltar, Tangier, and numerous Caribbean islands."

  • Outdoors
  • Social
  • Culture
  • Family

Sylvia L.


Device Used:
Model Ci


What do you love doing?

  • I’m absolutely obsessed with world travel!
  • Spending time locally with my friends and family
  • Enjoying live music and both large and small concert venues
  • Visiting museums and local art galleries and shows
  • Taking photos and filming drone video of beautiful places
  • Advocating for equal access

What’s on your adventure list?

I’ve been lucky enough to cross off most of my bucket list items! However, Cape Town, South Africa is at the very top right now. Taking the accessible gondola up to the top of Table Mountain would be incredible! I’d also love to visit Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile and Patagonia in Argentina. Penguins are my favorite animals, so I hope to see them in their natural habitat in any of those places. The mountain scenery there is absolutely breathtaking, and I hope to see some of that in late spring near Calgary, Canada.

Favorite benefits of Model Ci

  • The seat cushions that allow me to travel comfortably all day
  • How it disassembles to fit in the trunk of a sedan
  • Its ability to overcome obstacles and thresholds up to 2” high
  • The app connectivity that lets me move it remotely and monitor my usage
  • Its compact size and small turn radius that let me fit into tight spaces
  • The sleek look that makes me feel more confident while out and about

Note: Sylvia had an extensive test drive with a demo unit.

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Note: Model A and Model Ci are for people who have difficulty walking. Model M is for people who have a prescription for a power wheelchair.