It’s the world’s only mobility device to combine
4WD and the All Directional Wheels, enabling
advanced motion and complete terrain coverage.

4WD – Thrive in Any Environment

High power torque and large front wheels conquer rough terrains and steep hills.
Maneuver over grass, dirt, gravel, and snow with ease.


All Directional Wheel Technology

Our All Directional Wheel Technology is an industry-wide innovation in both maneuverability and personal mobility.
We’ve taken our deep knowledge of the automobile industry and applied the technology to personal mobility,
enabling faster, effortless maneuverability in tight spaces inside and varied terrain outside.

Set Your Pace

WHILL is accompanied by an iPhone app which connects via bluetooth and allows for remote control of the device.

The app also allows you to adjust the seat, driving and control settings, and even includes a security locking mechanism to keep the device secure when you’re not using it.

Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

With simplistic beauty and revolutionary technology,
WHILL provides mobility in a versatile, stylish, and unobtrusive way.
Be seen for who you truly are while traveling anywhere you desire.

Easy Loading for Transportation

There are multiple ways to transport WHILL in your vehicle.
It easily drives up a ramp using the hand controller and fits nicely in the back of a car.
It can also be attached to a hitch on the back of your vehicle using a lift system.


Keep your path visible by adding a flashlight that fits perfectly on the sides.
WHILL is compatible with other accessories such as cupholders and smartphone holders.

Options & Accessories

WHILL offers an outstanding range of options and special details for the ultimate personal mobility device.
This includes a selection of color options, controller designs and useful accessories for your everyday lifestyle.

White Body
A simple, clean, futuristic look to complement your modern taste.
Black Body
An option for someone seeking a cool and discreet style.
Mouse Controller
Simple and sleek design similar to a computer mouse allows to to drive intuitively.
Easy Grip Controller
An ergonomic design to fit the contour of your thumb and index finger.
RAM iPhone Mount
Keep your phone right at your fingertips for easy access to the WHILL app.
SKIP HOP Organizer
This perfectly-sized bag has drink compartments & fits right under WHILL’s seat.
KNOG Head Lights
Stay visible and keep your pathway illuminated in the dark.
USB Power Adapter
Plug this adapter in your WHILL and charge your smartphone on the go.
SnapIt! Drink Holder
This cupholder expands and contracts so you can carry almost any drink spill free.
AIR Safe Disengage
Feel more secure with the plug that keeps WHILL completely off during travel.
WheelzAhead Portable Ramp
Load WHILL into the cargo space of a car using this light-weight ramp.
Rock Out Portable Speaker
This speaker straps on to WHILL so you can bring the party wherever you go!
cote & ciel Backpack
Beautiful and practical back pack to hold all your everyday needs.
TriQuality Lap Belt
Feel free to take WHILL on rough terrain at max speed with this seatbelt option.



Fully configurable seating and positioning allows you to be comfortable while sitting and driving.