Enjoy Your Summer: Play Ball!

Almost every sport can be adapted to any player’s needs. Use the Model M to drive out onto the grass or the diamond and play some summer sports.

Tips to Adapt the Game

Get your heart rate up and maintain cardiovascular health while using the game’s equipment to stretch and strengthen without sacrificing time in the sun.

Watch the Video


Batter Up In the Model M

  • Replace the balls or the bat for lighter or larger grip options if reduced upper body or grip strength is an issue. It can still be baseball with a wiffle bat and beach ball!
  • Use a friend or a rubber set up tee for batting practice before using the speed of Model M do the running to first base.
  • Use a net set up as a target to practice your pitches from farther away.


Before You Play, Try Some of These Warm-Up Exercises

  • Hold the bat with two hands at shoulder height. Tilt one end down so the bat is at a diagonal. Now rotate your hands in circular motions to draw figure eights in the air with the bat. Repeat 10 times.
  • Place one end of bat down on ground approximately arms distance to your right side while holding the other end with your right hand. Lean to the right so that the weight of your body is supported by the bat then stretch your opposite arm directly over your head and reach laterally towards the bat.
  • Hold bat horizontal to the ground with hands shoulder distance apart. Lift directly above your head then bring bat down to rest on your shoulders behind your head while continuing to hold onto it with your hands. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and open your elbows out away from your head. Hold for 3 seconds bring elbows together and then open again 10 times.