Get in the Driver’s Seat

Experience its best-in-class portability, versatility & design

Limits Have No Boundaries

It’s not where it takes you, but where you take it. Live life’s moments, feel the excitement and embark on your next adventure by scheduling your free Model Ci test drive today!

WHILL Model Ci is not to be considered a medical device and has not been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for review or clearance.

“The WHILL Model Ci offers the best
combination of portability and mobility!
– Gary K.

Go Out and Adventure!

Live unpredictably and go where your heart desires with Model Ci’s outdoor versatility, speed, long range and ability to quickly disassemble to transport in any car.

Disassembles in less than 10 seconds!

Just three simple steps and three lightweight components.

Front Drive Base
(33.8 LB)

Rear Drive Base
(41.5 LB*)

Seat Assembly
(35 LB)

*Rear Drive Base weight is shown without lithium-ion battery. Battery weight = 6.2 LB.

Big Advantages In A Compact Frame

Drive across town and into your local cafe with the greatest confidence knowing Model Ci will easily power over the terrain ahead and comfortably fit into any environment.

Maneuver through tighter spaces with a significantly smaller footprint than traditional power mobility devices.

Navigate close quarters with a 45%
smaller turning radius than tiller controlled mobility devices.

Travel unhindered over rough terrain with a 2.25” ground clearance.

Effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 2” in height with its two powerful motors and large front omni-wheels.

Get in the driver’s seat