Best-In-Class Style and Safety

Safe driving never felt so exhilarating!

Next-Generation Personal Mobility Device

Model A’s versatility gives you the independence to go wherever life takes you. It’s more than just mobility—it’s freedom.

Extreme Comfort

A contoured back support and ergonomic controls work together to make Model A the most comfortable seat in the house. Plus, a power-sliding seat allows you to pull right up to tables and desks to the perfect, comfortable position.

Safe and Secure

Whether travelling across uneven surfaces, or navigating down steep terrain, the Model A always keeps you in control. Moreover, best-in-class durability gives you peace of mind wherever you decide to go.

Talk of the Town

Modern styling, advanced technology and versatile performance will elicit Drive Envy wherever you go. Feel empowered and eager to take on every opportunity life offers.

Free Test Drive

Feel the excitement, enjoy a new level of comfort and independence, and get ready to live life’s moments by scheduling your free Model A test drive today!