WeDrive: The Better Way to Test Drive Devices

WHILL is thrilled to announce WeDrive, a free, online community for mobility device users. WeDrive connects WHILL Personal EV owners with people interested in trying mobility devices to independently set up test drives and share experiences in an authentic environment.


Test Drive with Real Users

WeDrive is an online marketplace where people interested in test driving WHILL products can connect with the folks who know our product best—our users! We believe there’s no one better to provide authentic feedback, talk honestly about the features and benefits, and relay how a Personal EV can impact your life.

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Schedule a Test Drive in 5 Easy Steps:

    1. Sign up for WeDrive
    2. Find a Community Driver best fit for you
    3. Send the Community Driver a request to test drive
    4. Set a time and place
    5. Experience a whole new Personal EV

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Why Did We Create WeDrive?

WeDrive was created to eliminate the conventional restricted and pressured buying experience. We know how uncomfortable being confined to stuffy showrooms with salespeople and clinicians can be, and we believe people who need mobility devices are consumers, not ‘patients’! With WeDrive, we’re giving the power to the consumer to test drive and connect with our actual users.

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