WHILL Mobility Services

Innovative Transportation Solutions

WHILL Mobility Services are innovative transportation solutions that combine cutting-edge technology, expertly-designed mobility devices, and a robust fleet management system.

The services help optimize facility operations and provide the best possible mobility experience for your guests and visitors.


Autonomous Service

The autonomous service allows users to be automatically transported to their destination using a self-driving mobility device. While this service is ideal for airports and hospitals, the units can also be deployed in other venues, such as zoos, museums, and malls.


On-Site Fleet Service

The on-site service provides companies with a fleet of high-quality mobility devices that they can rent to visitors. The service includes maintenance and repair, along with an innovative fleet management system.




Cutting-Edge Mobility

We offer a variety of mobility models that combine high-quality design with innovative technology. Our models are simple to operate and allow your customers to move around effortlessly and independently.

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Quality and Safety First

We have conducted extensive testing to ensure the quality and safety of our products - so when you use a WHILL mobility device, you can do so with confidence. Our autonomous model is also equipped with added features such as collision avoidance, automatic brakes, and emergency stop buttons.


Commitment to Staff Usability

WHILL aims to provide services that are easy for guests to use and facility operators to introduce and operate. WHILL provides optimal mobility solutions tailored to the size, needs, and user demographics of the facility, and contributes to improving the customer experience at the facility.

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The addition of WHILL's innovative autonomous mobility device as a fully available service is another example of our commitment to providing a more accessible and inclusive environment.

Nick Hays
President and CEO of Winnipeg Airports Authority

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Our partnership with WHILL aligns with the goal of giving independence to customers needing mobility assistance and wanting to explore all the Savannah Airport has to offer.

Curt Bryan
Operations Manager, Savannah Airport Commission

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