Go Where You’ve Never Gone Before

It’s time to go sightseeing with WHILL Model M. Its special features can take you up steep hills, along rocky trails, over obstacles, or to the top of a mountain. 4WD allows you to explore new places, even the places that are hard to reach.

Everyone deserves to see the beauty of the world around them, and Model M is capable of taking you anywhere. Alvaro, a fellow user, loved his trip to a local park where he experienced some spectacular views. You can do the same.

4WD Functionality

  • Complete terrain coverage
  • 4WD with all-directional wheels for advanced motion
  • More accessibility
  • Safe and consistent movement


Social Time

Join your friends and family at the campground this summer. Trying new experiences is always better when shared with others and getting to your destination couldn’t be any easier.

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