Enjoy Your Summer: Stay Fit. Have Fun.

Resistance based strength training in conjunction with stretching, is vital to preserving joint integrity and preventing overuse injuries in the rotator cuff. Here are some quick shoulder workouts to stay fit while having fun.

Recently bootcamp style fitness training has been promoting lean muscle growth by using resistance bands in dynamic movement patterns. Build up your arsenal of seated exercises today.

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Equipment Needed:

Resistance bands are typically color coded yellow(lightest) to black (heaviest). Chose a band that allows you to complete a maximum of 10-15 repetitions before requiring a rest break due to muscle fatigue.

Start Position:

If your ability permits, scoot yourself forward in your chair while maintaining upright posture with as little support at trunk level as is possible for you.

Things to Remember:

These are not meant to be painful movements. If you feel any sharp pain, tingling, or numbness stop immediately and consult a physician before resuming routine.


The Newspaper Workout

  • Grasp the resistance band ~ 12 inches apart with elbows bent at a 90 degree angle and glued to your side.
  • Keeping your elbows in this fixed position, externally rotate from both shoulder joints in one plane of movement for approximately 45 degrees on each side.
  • Hold at your end point for 2 seconds before slowly returning to start position.

 The Swings Workout

  • Loop the center of the resistance band underneath your chair’s footpad; hold the ends in your hands with your arms extended towards the floor.
  • Slowly, moving only at the shoulder, lift your right arm forward in a 180 degree rotation towards the sky. Pause here for 2 seconds.
  • As you are slowly bringing your right arm back to start position begin to lift your L arm in a mirrored movement. Your arms pass at equal heights around shoulder level.
  • Repeat this alternating bilateral arm motion 10-15 times.