WHILL CEO Presented at G7 Transport Ministers’ Meeting as International Leader in Personal Transportation Solutions

WHILL CEO Satoshi Sugie at the G7 Transport Ministers’ Meeting 

Leaders at the G7 meeting at testing the WHILL AD devices

WHILL, a global provider of personal transportation solutions, announced today the participation of its CEO, Satoshi Sugie, in a session at the G7 meeting held on June 16-18, 2023. During the event, WHILL showcased its autonomous driving solution to transport ministers as an international leader in the field. 


The G7 Transport Ministers’ Meeting serves as a platform for G7 Transport Ministers and European Union (EU) Transport Commissioners to address common societal challenges like climate change and aging populations. The objective is to foster collaboration and establish partnerships with other nations, ensuring accessible and sustainable transportation through innovation. WHILL, recognized for its global contribution to personal transportation solutions, was invited as a representative company. 


During the session, WHILL presented its Autonomous Driving Service to the G7 transport ministers, government officials, and international media. Satoshi Sugie, CEO of WHILL, delivered a speech as a prominent figure in the personal transportation solutions industry. 


June 16: WHILL Autonomous Driving Service Demonstrated for Transport Ministers 

WHILL demonstrated its Autonomous Drive Service, which is implemented commercially in Japan and Canada. The Transport Ministers saw the vehicle’s autonomous navigation to the selected destination and its seamless return to the designated area. As the global population continues to age, there is an increasing demand for mobility support services for individuals with walking difficulties. By utilizing services like the WHILL Autonomous Drive Service, the burden on wheelchair attendants can be reduced, while optimizing the utilization of human resources. Introduced initially at Haneda International Airport in 2020, WHILL’s Autonomous Drive Service has gained popularity and is currently being deployed at Kansai International Airport, Narita International Airport, and Winnipeg International Airport in Canada, serving numerous individuals in need. 


June 17: Presentation about Enabling Inclusive Accessibility 

WHILL was one of two companies invited to represent the transportation sector. Satoshi Sugie highlighted the rapid acceleration of Japan’s super-aging society, mentioning that by 2050, 39.6% of the population will be over 65 years old. Furthermore, the number of people worldwide facing walking difficulty is estimated to reach 200 million. WHILL acknowledged the limited availability of mobility solutions for pedestrian areas and introduced its innovative products and services aimed at building infrastructure for short-distance mobility, encompassing both hardware and software solutions.


About WHILL, Inc. 

WHILL connects the world with personal transportation solutions. In addition to designing and selling mobility vehicles, WHILL provides Mobility-as-a-Service, offering autonomous and manual transportation services that make public spaces such as airports, hospitals, and vacation destinations more accessible. WHILL provides products and services in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide. Learn more at