CYBERDYNE, Inc. and WHILL, Inc. form comprehensive business and capital partnership


Utilizing innovative Cybernic technology to create and implement next generation mobility devices toward ”Zero Intensive Care Society” and “Society 5.0”

CYBERDYNE, Inc. (Head office: Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN : President and CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai, hereinafter referred to as “CYBERDYNE”) and WHILL, Inc. (Head office: California, USA: CEO: Satoshi Sugie, hereinafter referred to as “WHILL”) have formed a capital partnership based on a business alliance to create and implement next-generation mobility devices toward “Zero Intensive Care Society” and “Society 5.0” (a super smart society).

As the world faces rapidly aging societies, mobility devices enabling independent transportation regardless of age and physical conditions are essential for the realization of a “Zero Intensive Care Society”. Through this alliance, the two companies aim to work together by utilizing CYBERDYNE’s innovative Cybernic technology and WHILL’s mobility development technology to create and implement next-generation mobility devices towards “Zero Intensive Care Society” and “Society 5.0”.

CYBERDYNE provides solutions to problems facing aging societies and declining birthrates through the use of innovative Cybernic technologies that combine and fuse people, robots, and information, and aims to realize a “Zero Intensive Care Society” and “Society 5.0”. WHILL believes in providing “Fun and Innovative Transportation for Everybody”, and develops personal mobility devices that excel in design, comfort, and safety by eliminating stigma and physical barriers through design and technology. Together, the two companies have agreed to a partnership toward the development of innovative next-generation mobility devices.


<About CYBERDYNE, Inc.>

Since CYBERDYNE, Inc. was established as a venture company from the University of Tsukuba in 2004, the company has promoted the comprehensive development of various Cybernic systems (Cybernic devices, Cybernic interfaces, etc.) that utilize Cybernic technology* from research and development to social implementation, aiming to tackle the various issues facing society. The company has developed business in the fields of medicine, welfare and daily living (including the work environment), and its main product robot suit HAL® is widely distributed not only in the medical and welfare fields but also in care support and labor support fields. In addition, new products such as Transport Robots and Cleaning Robots equipped with artificial intelligence and environment recognition functions, HAL(Lumbar Type) that reduces the load and stress on the lower back, smaller-sized HAL(Single-Joint Type), vital sensors for detecting arteriosclerosis and arrhythmia measurements, etc. are continuously being developed.
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*Cybernics technology: A new academic field that combines and fuses cybernetics, mechatronics, informatics, brain and neuroscience, IT (information technology), robotics engineering, psychology, law, ethics, business management, etc., championed by Prof. Yoshiyuki Sankai of the University of Tsukuba (President and CEO of CYBERDYNE, Inc.).


<About WHILL, Inc.>

WHILL was started by a group of automotive, consumer electronics, and medical device designers and engineers who push the boundaries of pedestrian transportation for everyone, especially for those who have difficulty walking. WHILL’s goal is to redefine the power wheelchair and how it is perceived. Drawing on its design and engineering acumen, WHILL manufactures intelligent personal EVs that empower people to feel comfortable going anywhere in style. Founded in 2013, the company is headquartered in the bay area with offices in Tokyo and Taiwan.
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