JTB Group Introduces WHILL Rental Service with Flexible Options Starting at Four Days


The new offer meets the needs of senior tourists visiting Japan by providing a convenient mobility service. 

Tokyo, Japan – March 5, 2024 – We are pleased to announce the launch of the WHILL Rental Service at JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. (JTBGMT), a leading travel agency in Japan that caters to tourists from around the world. This service allows customers to rent the WHILL short-distance mobility vehicle for as little as four days, providing travelers with convenient transportation options. With the growing demand for inbound travel, JTBGMT aims to support comfortable travel, especially for those with mobility issues or traveling with elderly family members.

As global demographics shift toward an aging population, with an estimated 200 million seniors facing mobility challenges by 2035, the desire to travel remains strong. Research shows that concerns about physical limitations often prevent seniors from traveling. One in two seniors are more likely to delay or give up travel and leisure activities even when they want to go somewhere, with the most common reason being “I am concerned about my physical strength and walking long distances/long periods of time,” followed by “I am concerned about a family member who cannot walk long distances.” JTBGMT recognizes these barriers and seeks to address them by introducing WHILL’s rental service, thereby enabling travelers to move freely without worrying about long distances or fatigue.

As a leading Japanese travel agency known for its customized tourist experiences, JTBGMT’s decision to include WHILL Rental Service is in line with its commitment to personalized customer service. This expansion of services caters to various segments of travelers, including those on customized itineraries through local Japanese agencies, agencies in North America or Europe, and cruise passengers who stop in Japan. With WHILL short-distance mobility vehicles, travelers can explore Japan at their own pace, regardless of physical ability or stamina.

WHILL will continue to work closely with JTBGMT and other partners to expand its range of products and services to make short-distance travel more convenient and accessible to people around the world.

About WHILL Rental Service:The rental service offers the WHILL Model F, a foldable mobility device, with rental periods ranging from 4 to 30 days. Customers can choose their preferred rental period and pick-up location, with accessories included for added convenience.
• Model: WHILL Model F
• Accessories: Battery charger, battery, basket, cane holder
• Rental Period: 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 20, or 30 days
• Conditions: Users must meet specific product use criteria, such as a weight limit of 115 kg and ability to stand on the footplate.

About WHILL: WHILL designs and manufactures short-distance mobility vehicles suitable for pedestrian areas, with the Model F being a lightweight, foldable option ideal for family travel.

WHILL continues to innovate comprehensive transportation services to meet temporary and short-term mobility needs, including rental services for domestic and international travelers. In addition, the WHILL Autonomous Service, which combines Japan’s most advanced technologies, has been introduced at major airports in Japan (both domestic and international terminals) to transport passengers to boarding gates that are far away as an alternative to existing wheelchair services. At the same time, the service helps to further improve and optimize passenger services by reducing the burden on airport staff.