WHILL Autonomous Service

WHILL Autonomous Service WHILL Autonomous Service

WHILL Autonomous Service

WHILL Autonomous Service WHILL Autonomous Service

WHILL Autonomous Service

Mobility Solutions
for Large Indoor Facilities

WHILL provides a complete mobility solution for corporations
operating in large venues and facilities.
The service uses autonomous mobility vehicles and an intuitive management system
to transport guests through the facility seamlessly.
Routes are set according to the layout of the venue and the needs of the guests,
helping to improve customer service and optimize operations at the same time.


Easy to use interface and collision avoidance function allow customers to move around the facility safely and reliably.

Simple Interface

Simple Interface

Simply select a destination on the screen to be transported.

Safe Operation

Simple Interface

Vehicle detects and avoids obstacles using sensors and automatic breaks.

Automatic Return

Simple Interface

Vehicle automatically returns to its original location after the service is complete.


Helps solve the manpower shortage problem as the need for wheelchair accessibility continues to grow

With an aging society, the need for wheelchair access at various facilities is rapidly increasing, and manpower shortages are becoming an issue. WHILL’s autonomous solution provides improved mobility services for facilities while also optimizing existing operations.

Improved customer satisfation for those who find transportation burdensome

Increase customer satisfaction by allowing guests to explore your venue or facility independently. WHILL’s autonomous solution can also attract new guests who may have previously avoided visiting the facility due to a lack of personal transportation options.

Case Studies

Winnipeg International Airport

First permanent installation in North America of WHILL Autonomous Service was in 2022 at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. The service covers the entire route from check-in counter to security checkpoint, and then to the departure gate to provide a seamless travel experience. The service relieves airlines of fulfilling wheelchair push demands and allows airline passengers to travel more freely by autonomously transporting them to their gates. The service has been tested during several development trials at the airport since 2019 with excellent results.

Tokyo International Airport

After several trials and demonstrations, the WHILL Autonomous Service was commercially implemented in 2020. The service has since been expanded, and by March 2022, a total of 24 units had been installed in multiple terminals, with several thousand passengers per month using the WHILL mobility vehicle. The service is being used by passengers of all ages and abilities as a new means of transportation within the airport and is scheduled to be expanded to other routes in the future as needs arise.

Keio University Hospital

WHILL was introduced in 2020 as part of the second phase of the “Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment System with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Hospital” project of the Innovation Creation Program (SIP) of the Cabinet Office. The solution was introduced to improve medical services by providing a means of transportation for patients who have anxiety or difficulty walking in a large hospital, thereby creating a comfortable hospital environment by preventing falls when walking. The introduction of WHILL also aims to reduce the burden on staff by allowing patients to travel to their destinations without staff support.

Implementation Process

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We propose an optimal service plan based on your requests and business issues. We then conduct a demo of the vehicle’s self-return and collision avoidance functions.


We set up test routes in the facility to trial the service. We will require map data of the environment prior to the trial.


We deliver the vehicles to your facility, complete the initial setup, install the WHILL station, and guide you through the fleet management system and handling procedures.


Learn how we can help optimize your mobility service.
Let us show you how our service can be implemented to your business.