WHILL Announces Full Implementation of WHILL Autonomous Service at Kansai International Airport

Inclusive and easy-to-use mobility service increases convenience and mobility for all airport customers


WHILL Autonomous Service at Kansai International Airport

November 7, 2022 – WHILL, Inc. (WHILL) announced today that their Autonomous Vehicles Service will be fully implemented at Kansai International Airport in Japan. The commercial application of the service follows successful implementation at Tokyo International Airport, which has been operating since 2020.

Kansai International Airport is investing in providing universal services so that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can comfortably use the airport facilities. The introduction of the autonomous vehicles service and the overall renovation of the domestic flight area are part of this effort.

WHILL Autonomous Service allows passengers using the airport to be transported to a desired boarding gate using the autonomous mobility vehicle and a simple touch panel. This allows all customers to move comfortably through the large airport with ease, including the elderly, those who normally need wheelchair assistance, and anyone who is concerned about walking long distances due to their physical strength.

Although wheelchair push service by staff is available at airports, future staff shortage is expected due to aging population growth which is accelerating in Japan ahead of the rest of the world. The recovery of the travel sector following the pandemic is putting additional pressure on existing push services as people return to traveling more frequently. Augmenting the wheelchair push service with WHILL Autonomous Service will reduce the burden on staff and contribute to improved overall service to customers.

WHILL plans to work closely with the airport’s operation team to provide stable service while expanding the business both domestically and internationally to deliver reliable and innovative mobility for all.

About WHILL Autonomous Service

Developed by WHILL for sidewalks and indoor areas, the autonomous service consists of an innovative personal mobility vehicle with award winning design and driving performance equipped with autonomous driving and collision avoidance functions, along with fleet management system. The system enables autonomous transportation and self-return of vehicles by area map information collected in advance combined with the surrounding conditions detected by sensors mounted on the vehicle.


About WHILL:

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