WHILL Autonomous Mobility Service expands its coverage area for Tokyo International Airport

SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 2021 – WHILL is pleased to announce that Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) will be expanding WHILL Autonomous Mobility Service to all of Terminal 1 and 2. The service was first commercially implemented in July last year for the Northern area of Terminal 1 to practice social distancing. The service autonomously drives passengers to their boarding gates, which mitigates the risk of close encounter with an operator compared to a traditional wheelchair push service.

Passengers at the airport can select their designated boarding gate on the touchscreen to be autonomously driven to the location. People including those who have difficulty walking can now have access to this safe and convenient method of transportation while reducing the risk of spreading infection through contact between wheelchair service staff and passengers at close range.

The decision to expand the service came after operational stability was proven since its implementation in July last year. It was the world’s first application of autonomous personal mobility service for passengers at an airport.

The New Normal in Air Travel: World’s first implementation of autonomous mobility service for passengers at an airport to keep passengers with reduced mobility and service operators safe



  • Expansion locations and schedule:
  • Detail: WHILL Autonomous Mobility Service will drive passengers from the WHILL Station located near the security gate to their designated boarding gates. Upon trip completion, the device will automatically return to its base. The service is complimentary.
  • User: Passengers departing for a domestic flight from Haneda International Airport.
  • Time of operation: 8AM to 8PM (year-round)


About WHILL Autonomous Mobility Service

WHILL developed an autonomous drive system compatible with the WHILL Autonomous Models which are equipped with autonomous driving, anti-collision function. The WHILL Autonomous Drive System can manage and operate multiple devices simultaneously. The self-driving works by layering its surrounding information detected by sensors with map information about the area collected in advance.

WHILL Autonomous Mobility Service (Video)



WHILL was founded in May 2012 to improve people’s short-distance mobility with innovative technology and design. WHILL is a global organization with products and services offered in over 20 countries and regions. Business includes design and sales of personal mobility products as well as Mobility-as-a-Service, offering transportation services using their products.


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